About the Parentpreneur Podcast

The Parentpreneur Podcast is a weekly podcast that tells the stories of mom and dad entrepreneurs who are running successful businesses while providing for their families on their own terms.

There are a million ways you can make money outside of the regular 9-to-5 grind. You may either be overwhelmed by the possibilities, or feel that you don’t have the skills or training to be able to be your own boss and care for your family. You may already have a business and are looking for inspiration on how to make it thrive without compromising your current lifestyle.

On the podcast, I interview mom and dad entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are at different stages of their entrepreneurship and parenting journeys. We talk about how they got started, how they’ve grown, whether they’ve reached the ever elusive work-life balance, and about the bumps along the way.

Do you have any questions or comments about the podcast? Get in touch at hello@parentpreneurcast.com.

Meet Your Host

Hi, there! I’m Enelia Faithful. I’m a graphic designer, web developer, and parentpreneur with ten years of professional experience working with brands big and small. I quit my advertising agency job when I was seven-months pregnant with my first child to pursue the dream of running my own business while being present for my family.

I have been running my own studio, Abacus Finch for over two years. During that time, I have encountered many parents along the way who wish they could be their own bosses and in control of their own destinies. I started this podcast to encourage them (and you) to pursue your goals. I hope these stories inspire you to take a chance on yourself and make the leap.

Enelia Faithful